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You're looking for an original activity to celebrate your child's birthday with his friends?

Quiz Room is the brand new activity that combines fun and reflection, speed and cooperation ... and above all that will give all children stars in their eyes and memories for a long time!

The Quiz Room adapts to your group!

Whatever the size of your group of friends, Quiz Room allows you to all gather in the same room (4 to 18 people) to celebrate the day's event to the fullest! Depending on the number of participants, you'll play solo, or as a duo or trio at each desk.

The game and the questions are adapted to the age of the participants
: our game will appeal to children as well as adults celebrating bachelor/bachelorette parties or a birthday party. And of course, there's no age limit for getting excited over our TV-game-style board and getting caught up in the game's buzzers and wildcards! The Quiz Room combines competition and wholesome fun, perfect for a memorable event.

Even better, you can customize up to 10 questions to make your game session even more unique and to reflect the person you're celebrating: lots of laughter guaranteed!

1. Play with the adapted game mode

Each Quiz Room space can accommodate between 4 and 18 players and the session, which consists of 2 parts, lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 15.

Depending on the number of participants, you'll play solo, or as a duo or trio at each desk.

2. Customize a few questions (optional)

Put a smile on your friend or your child's face by including your own questions, recorded by our great actors.

Questions about the person's friends, family, interests, favorite activities...let your imagination run wild to create an amazing experience for everyone!

Option to be choosed when booking online

3. Extend the fun (optional)

Give a "I am the Quiz Room Master" T-shirt to the person you're celebrating and to each of the winners. The T-shirt is gifted at the end of the game, right in the room.

Blow out the candles in the room and then gather in our private area to keep celebrating however you like: bring games, put on a music playlist, have a drink...

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